- 25.01.2020

Maccoin 2019

maccoin 2019We are pleased to announce that Kraken will list MacCoin (BMAC). BMAC trading starts Week High: $ (April 1, ) Week Low. McDONALDS BIG MAC 50th ANNIVERSARY COIN MACCOIN MACCOINS PICK Run Disney Walt Disney World Marathon Mickey Medal Pin New.

In Big Maccoin 2019 celebrated its 50th anniversary globally with the MacCoin.

Maccoin 2019

Inspired by the Big Mac Index, every coin was worth one Big Mac anywhere in the world, making it the maccoin 2019 fully food-backed currency accepted across all borders. Our task was to strengthen the bond between consumers maccoin 2019 the iconic Big Maccoin 2019 by leveraging on this global idea.

Maccoin 2019

Describe maccoin 2019 creative idea. To promote the MacCoin in the region we had a big idea that came in a very small package. Thinking inside the box, we createdof the smallest Big Mac clamshells in the maccoin 2019.

Maccoin 2019

Describe the strategy. To celebrate link anniversary https://bitcoin-money-wallet.site/2019/how-to-gpu-mine-ravencoin.html this icon, 5 unique golden coins were maccoin 2019 by hand across maccoin 2019 globe with every Big Mac purchase.

Here maccoin 2019 an opportunity to enhance the MacCoin experience.

Maccoin 2019

So just like how the Big Maccoin 2019 came in a clamshell, so would the MacCoin. Describe the execution.

Maccoin 2019

We launched the idea with a teaser film on social media that told people that something big was coming their way, the MacCoin.

We then maccoin 2019 clamshells to key influencers across the region to build more hype and give a few lucky people the chance to win them.

Maccoin 2019

This link was supported with social content on multiple channels maccoin 2019 Big Mac trivia posts to entice fans maccoin 2019 further. Finally, we released allMacCoins across the region on the same day, the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac.

Maccoin 2019

List the results. Contrary to 50th birthdays, this was a happy one.

Maccoin 2019

It was more than maccoin 2019 a promotional offer, maccoin 2019 Big Mac Lovers, this was a sentimental keepsake that reminded them of the all the good times they had with Big Mac growing up.

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