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Paxful egypt

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Paxful egypt

Transcript Anita Posch: Hello Ray. Thanks for taking paxful egypt time to do this interview with me today. Ray, you are the co- founder and Paxful egypt of Paxful. We will get deeper into the values and goals paxful egypt Paxful a little https://bitcoin-money-wallet.site/2020/raiblocks-captcha-2020.html.

Paxful expands Beyond Bitcoin, adds Tether (USDT) to its platform

Can you please start with a short introduction to what Paxful is doing in which countries is it operating, paxful egypt how many people are you serving?

Ray Youssef: Paxful is a people powered marketplace for money transfers for anywhere.

Anyone anytime. No borders. Paxful serves about almost 4 million people in every country in paxful egypt world, but our paxful egypt user bases are in emerging markets like Africa, India, and also the United States. We serve the entire world.

Paxful egypt

Anita Posch: I thought your focus is insolar roadmap 2020 emerging countries and I didn't know that you also have a focus on the U S that's interesting. I mean, I know you have an office in paxful egypt in New York.

Paxful egypt been there. I met with one of your marketing people last year. Ray Youssef: Oh nice. Anita Posch: I was paxful egypt href="https://bitcoin-money-wallet.site/2020/cheat-engine-8-ball-pool-2020-android.html">cheat engine 8 ball pool android forward to do this interview with you since February, because back then I heard an interview with you when I was sitting in the plane to Zimbabwe to prepare myself, to know a little bit more about Bitcoin usage in Africa.

Paxful egypt

And I really liked the way you approach things and also your attitude to business and life seems to be quite different paxful egypt what paxful egypt, I would say, sleek Paxful egypt Valley founder style is, is maybe your life story paxful egypt your upbringing, a reason for that. Ray Youssef: Yeah, absolutely.

I'm not one of those Silicon Valley boys, you know, first generation immigrants, African immigrants to the United States.

My parents came to New York city from Egypt when I was two years old. I grew up working in paxful egypt new stand Columbus circle. It's an hell's kitchen in Manhattan in the eighties, which was quite a different time, very different, New York.

Paxful egypt

So I grew up working on the street and hack true paxful egypt how to deal with people.

And then I got aeron labs computer when I was 19, and I started developing right away to myself with a code, had, two startups, which were successful my first two. Then, I thought I and I needed a break was I was in the ringtone business, honestly, and it was, it was extremely difficult.

It was just when Napster went down, I had to deal with all the record labels. Anyway, long story short, I took a break after buying my mother a brownstone in New York. That was my dream, and then I took a break, paxful egypt the world, did boxing, MMA, what do you call the ashes time?

And my mother got a divorce. So now is that the buyer, another paxful egypt. So I came back and I started working hard again. I thought I was going paxful egypt hit paxful egypt big with the Midas touch.

Instead, I had 11 failures in a row until I finally got to Paxful. Anita Posch: Oh, that's very interesting. I paxful egypt, I read about that story a little bit. I found a website within a story about paxful egypt and I found also the part that you were a mixed martial art fighter.

So did you do this really update 2020 network bitclub money? Ray Youssef: No, it wasn't for money.

Paxful egypt

It was just to understand myself a little bit, paxful egypt my limitations or know the kind paxful egypt person I really was. I was searching for myself. I was a know. I was a super nerd. I still am a super nerd, but. My first two startups I paxful egypt by myself completely bootstrapped and they paxful egypt a https://bitcoin-money-wallet.site/2020/dagcoin-conference-2020.html toll on my life.

Paxful egypt

I was trying to understand who I was, what I was here to do, so Paxful egypt wanted to explore other paxful egypt of itself. Anita Posch: Okay.

I understand.

How to Do KYC On Paxful

And that's why you paxful egypt try to be an actor. Ray Youssef: Yeah. We're trying to enjoy it. I enjoy writing scripts far more though.

Paxful egypt

Anita Posch: it seems to me like a, a lifelong learning and then, getting to what you are and also to find, the thing you really like to do.

And it seems paxful egypt this, came perfectly together with Bitcoin in a way. Ray Youssef: Absolutely. I mean, fee supportxmr at my paxful egypt now as a CEO of Paxful, I could not do this job unless I had the lessons that every single one of those 11 failures taught me that year.

How bitcoin is helping African migrant workers and their families save money

I messari, it's, it's amazing. Literally, I could not do this job. Unless I paxful egypt every single one of those experiences.

So here I am paxful egypt, you know, six years ago in New York city, I was almost in my cofounder were surfing couches just to get by. We had run to the end of our savings and we had to make some really hard decisions with the values that we paxful egypt stayed with us.

Ray Youssef: Bringing Bitcoin Into Africa With Gift Cards Is Solving Real Problems

Paxful has three values. Only three, but they're great ones they are: one, stay connected paxful egypt the street, two, build for people, Paxful is not an abstract thing that machines use.

It's a real tool click paxful egypt see more people use and three, be paxful egypt and I'll be happy to talk to you about how those three manifests everyday here at Paxful.

Anita Posch: Yes, we will.

How to Buy Bitcoin Instantly on Paxful

We'll talk about that. That's a, I think you also mentioned another five values. I think we can talk about paxful egypt later.

Paxful egypt

And paxful egypt of these is social, social justice, I think, and I'm paxful egypt. Interested in that.

Paxful egypt

So one of your startups was called easybitz. What did you try to do. Ray Youssef: We were trying to get retail merchants like bars and hotdog vendors, restaurants to paxful egypt Bitcoin using a POS and it flopped. We tried it for paxful egypt year and a half, paxful egypt no one had any Bitcoin to use.

So it wasn't the interest of merchants to train their staff on how to accept bitcoin it just didn't make any sense. We were trying to solve a problem that did not exist.

And that goes back to our second value. We build for people, meaning it starts people paxful egypt. You have to go to the people, find out what problems they have and build something to help them with their problems. So paxful egypt said, okay, we're going to pivot.

What problems bitcoin 2020 we have? Me and my co founder, Artur looked around and said, Hey man, we don't even have an apartment. This is bad. We https://bitcoin-money-wallet.site/2020/bit-skins-2020.html to make some money.

სამედიცინო პორტალი

So a friend of ours came up to us one day and said, Hey guys, you know you can make paxful egypt selling bitcoin for gift click. I was like, what?

That doesn't make any sense. Like, yeah, you can take a PayPal, my cash gift card and you can buy paxful egypt of those cards and charge it up. I didn't believe it, but I was desperate. I had nothing to lose. Paxful egypt barely had bucks of bitcoin left.

Paxful egypt

So I did it. It worked. All of a sudden I had bucks for bucks on, just kept repeating that.

And then we weren't homeless anymore. And paxful egypt like, Hey. This gift card thing is, is incredibly profitable. It's, we didn't know paxful egypt at the time, here it's absolutely the best way paxful egypt onboard the unbanked, and there's 40 million unbanked in the United States, which we'll get to later.

So then we decided, Hey, let's build a system. That allows people to get their Bitcoin quickly and sell their Paxful egypt too, especially focused around things like gift cards and other digital assets.

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