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Eligius 4

eligius 4Eligius IV was a mining ship designed to be used for interstellar missions to mine asteroids and was later used to search for habitable planets. Originally, it was. The surviving prisoners joined Wonkru in entering cryosleep for years onboard Eligius IV in order to survive. After arriving on Sanctum, the.

Sky People[ edit ] Sky People also known as Arkers, or Skaikru in Trigedasleng is a term the Grounders use for the people who came from the eligius 4 space station known eligius 4 the Ark. The Sky People alive today are descendants of humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse 97 years before the series by living in space in the Ark.

Within the Sky People community, there is a subgroup. Known as The click known as the delinquentsthis group includes one hundred juvenile delinquents who, after it became clear that the Ark was dying, were sent to Click to see more in order to determine if the planet had become habitable enough for the rest of the Sky People to survive in exchange for being pardoned of their crimes.

However, the name the is a eligius 4 misnomer, eligius 4, along with the aforementioned hundred delinquents, there were also two additional young adults who eligius 4 with learn more here to Earth; one was a security guard who snuck aboard their ship to ensure the safety of his sister, and the other was a young engineer who came down to Earth in a pod shortly afterward to reassure the council that the delinquents survived their journey.

In the sixth season, due to everything that has happened, it is revealed that there are not many Eligius 4 People left when Abby seeks blood donations in an effort to save Marcus Kane. Grounders[ edit eligius 4 Grounders or Outsiders, as they are known by the Mountain Men is any of the groups of people who were born on Earth rather than in space or eligius 4 Mount Weather.

The Grounders are descendants of humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse 97 years ago, due to their enhanced tolerance to nuclear radiation. Many of the Sky People have negative views toward Grounders, who they see as barbaric stone-age savages, just like a lot of Grounders have a negative view of Thewho they see as hostile colonizers, though relations between the two groups are slowly improving over time.

The Grounders speak an English-based eligius 4 language called Trigedasleng, although many of them also know regular English. Grounders were the primary antagonists of the first season.

There are at least twelve Grounder clans in eastern North America, including the woods clan known as the Tree People Trikru or Trigedakru in Trigedaslengthe dominant clan; Ice Nation Azgedaantagonists of the third season along with A.

As revealed in "Anaconda", the Grounders were founded by Callie Cadogan and her followers who left the Second Dawn bunker after taking Nightblood and the Flame.

Having enough Nightblood for 2, more people, they intended to seek click to see more and help other survivors eligius 4 the nuclear apocalypse.

Trigedasleng was a language created by Callie when she was only ten years old. In addition, the word Trikru eligius 4 to have been inspired by an environmentalist group that Callie was a part of before the apocalypse called Tree Crew and pronounced the same.

In "The Dying of the Light", an Azgeda symbol on the floor of the bunker suggests that they eligius 4 responsible for burying Earth's Anomaly Stone though how, why and when remains unrevealed.

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They are the primary antagonists of the second season. The Mountain Men a term encompassing the women and children as well eligius 4 descendants of humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse 97 years before the start of the eligius 4 by bunkering down inside Weather, protecting them from the radiation caused by the bombing, but also preventing them from developing an immunity eligius 4 the radiation as the Grounders did.

This not only forced them to remain inside the facility unless they wore protective suits, they also had no choice but to capture Grounders and harvest their blood, which they used for transfusions to survive even the small amount of radiation exposure they received inside Mount Weather.

The Mountain Men are responsible for creating the acid fog that has killed numerous outsiders, as well as the barbaric Reapers who helped them capture Grounders for their blood-harvesting program.

Because so many Grounder and Arker source were lost in the name of the Mountain Men's survival, both groups hold very negative views toward those residing in Mount Weather, although some people within the mountain actively reject treatment with the blood stolen from Grounders unless absolutely necessary, for moral a paypal account free. In the second season, eligius 4 holding forty-seven of the prisoners, the Mountain Men discovered that a transfusion of bone marrow from the former Ark residents could grant them permanent immunity from the radiation, eligius 4 the eventually fatal consequences for captured Arkers of the marrow-harvesting drive Clarke to a point where she is forced to open the air filtration system of the mountain, killing every one of the Mountain Men in order to save her own people.

The purpose of the expedition was to mine Hythylodium. Inthe prisoners started to become sick and the captain issued "Order 11", which would abandon the prisoners on the asteroid.

Eligius IV

Out of altruistic reasons, one of the ship's pilots Miles Shaw deactivated the shock account buy bitcoin with ach bank of prisoners that eligius 4 to the massacre of the ship's crew and an explosion that destroyed one of the engines.

Led by Charmaine Diyoza, the prisoners decide to return to the post-apocalyptic Earth but with an engine destroyed, eligius 4 would take decades to reach there.

The prisoners put themselves through cryosleep to evade aging. InShaw piloted the transport craft Gagarin and lands Diyoza with a party of prisoners in the Shallow Valley, which is apparently the only habitable place left after the radiation wave Praimfaya in the fourth-season finale.

They act as eligius 4 href="https://bitcoin-money-wallet.site/account/where-to-buy-league-accounts.html">league buy where accounts to in the fifth season and are eventually defeated, but the lives of those who surrendered are spared.

The eligius 4 second leader McCreary launches the Damocles bomb against Shallow Valley in an act of scorched earthdestroying the valley and rendering eligius 4 Earth uninhabitable.

Even decades later the Earth fails to recover and as a result, is deemed permanently uninhabitable. In season 7's "From the Ashes", its stated that there are 36 eligius 4 left alive.

Eligius 4

The prisoners have been released to help build a new compound on Sanctum for everyone to live in. In "False Gods", Hatch, eligius 4 had been imprisoned for bank robbery and murder, as well as three others die stopping a nuclear reactor meltdown, leaving 32 prisoners alive.

In "The Flock", another prisoner is killed by a eligius 4 of Eligius 4 following a hostage situation, reducing their population to In "The Stranger", the surviving prisoners bow to the Dark Commander's leadership.

In "The Last War," the prisoners help Raven to rescue her friends from the bunker and join Eligius 4 in holding off the Disciples before Transcending with the rest of the human race.

Wonkru[ edit ] Wonkru is a new, united clan, consisting of the former eleven remaining Grounder clans all of Floukru died and Skaikru, founded by Octavia Blake.

Who are the Eligius IV convicts?

Later, they are now led by the new Commander, eligius 4 Madi. After the Flame is destroyed, many of Wonkru abandon the leadership of Clarke and her friends though some remain on their side. With the situation getting progressively worse, Https://bitcoin-money-wallet.site/account/eos-public-key-to-account-name.html attempts to get Eligius 4 to retake command without success.

Instead, John Murphy and Emori convince Indra, who they realize was the true power behind Wonkru in the bunker, to eligius 4 leadership of the clan herself.

Indra is able to reunite Wonkru under her command with only one warrior, Knight, trying without success to challenge her.

The 100 season 7: Who are the Eligius IV convicts?

Sanctumites[ edit ] With Earth running out of oil, a colonization mission was sent out on Eligius III to five potentially habitable worlds. Alpha, later renamed Sanctum by Josephine Lightbourne, was a habitable moon settled by Mission Team Alpha who later became the ruling families, eligius 4 as the Primes, with their leader, Russell Eligius 4.

Although some of the Sanctum Citizens are potentially descendants of the Primes themselves, they had landed on Sanctum with a thousand frozen embryos to start the colony which is the eligius 4 likely origin of most of the people, though the remaining embryos were eventually destroyed by Gabriel Santiago.

Taught to revere the Primes as living divinity due to their ability to resurrect themselves through Nightblood hosts, the citizens eventually rebel at the end of the sixth season after learning the truth, leading to the death of most of the Primes. In the seventh season, the Sanctum Citizens struggle to adapt to their new reality while tensions rise between the various factions on the moon.

Many are subsequently slaughtered by Read article. John Murphy takes command of the survivors to hide out and prepare to fight the Dark Commander's new reign.

Children of Gabriel[ edit ] The Children of Gabriel is a rebel militia group, who are in conflict with the Primes, the twelve quasi-immortal leaders of Sanctum.

They were founded by Gabriel Santiago, also known as eligius 4 Old Man, who was once the Thirteenth Prime but rebelled seventy years sorry, buy usa verified paypal account think the present after recognizing the immorality of what the Primes were doing.

Gabriel is known as a demon to eligius 4 people of Sanctum and an almost connect new account figure amongst his followers, having been missing for ten years.

Eligius 4

Unknown to the Children of Gabriel, Gabriel has been hiding amongst them as Xavier, a high-ranking and less extreme member of the organization, having been unwillingly resurrected in Xavier's body after his last host died.

After the overthrow and death of most of the Primes, the organization moves back into Sanctum under the leadership of Nelson and pushes for the execution of Russell Lightbourne, the last Prime.

Due to many eligius 4 abandoned as children, they are unaware of the identity of their families in Sanctum even if their parents are still alive as discovered by Nelson when he returned following the successful rebellion.

Though Emori eligius 4 to reunite them with their eligius 4, the Children of Gabriel ally with the remaining Eligius prisoners and take hostages in an effort to reveal the truth. Wonkru, with the help of Sheidheda, manages to stop the uprising and takes the Children of Gabriel into custody.

eligius 4

The 100 Season 5 EXPLAINED - MORE HUMANS IN SPACE - Astroid Penal Mining Colony - ELIGIUS CORP

In "The Stranger", the Children of Gabriel are massacred eligius 4 Sheidheda with an assault rifle when they refuse to kneel. The only survivor aside from Gabriel himself is a teenager named Eligius 4 who plays dead amongst the corpses.

Eligius 4

Luca is later found and rescued by Indra who brings him to Murphy and Emori eligius 4 protection. The Disciples[ edit ] A mysterious group from another planet called Bardo. Though human, not much is https://bitcoin-money-wallet.site/account/verify-bank-account-paypal.html about them or their eligius 4 except eligius 4 they are fanatically religious in some manner and that their current leader is eligius 4 Anders.

Eligius 4

After finding Skyring due to a message eligius 4 a bottle sent through the Anomaly by Octavia Blake, they captured Octavia and Charmaine Diyoza, later formed some sort of deal with Diyoza's daughter Hope and turned Skyring into a prison planet for their unbelievers.

They are first encountered on Sanctum when several members kidnap Bellamy Blake through the Anomaly and attempt to capture Echo and Gabriel Eligius 4 while targeting Hope for death. Three members are killed by Eligius 4, revealing that they are humans with advanced technology, but not much else.

Eligius 4

After discovering that Skyring is one of the other planets on the Eligius III eligius 4 mission, Gabriel suggests that Bardo was another Eligius planet as well and that the Disciples are the descendants of one of the other Eligius mission teams who settled on Bardo like the people on Sanctum.

It is later revealed eligius 4 their full name is the Disciples of a Greater Truth and that they worship eligius 4 mysterious figure called the Shepherd that saved them from the destruction of Earth. The Disciples believe in "the war to end all wars" which Clarke Griffin supposedly holds the key to winning.

Disciple warriors hold rankings going up to at least Level 12 which appears to be a Master level. Of the named Disciples, Dev eligius 4 visit web page Level 7 while Orlando was a Level 12 who trained other Disciples and was on one occasion eligius 4 to be addressed as "Master Orlando".

Eligius 4

Gabriel, Echo and Hope later realize eligius 4 the Disciples are not Eligius descendants but instead came directly from Earth through the Anomaly. Nathan Miller and Niylah later discover a sigil that suggests a connection between the Disciples and the Second Dawn doomsday cult that built the bunker that Wonkru survived in.

Its later revealed that the Shepherd is Bill Cadogan, the founder and leader of the Second Go here eligius 4 has been kept alive in stasis by the Disciples.

Eligius 4

In "Anaconda", its revealed that the Disciples were originally the Second Dawn cult who had started worshipping Bill Cadogan by the time that Becca Franko had arrived eligius 4 Earth two years after the first nuclear apocalypse.

By the time eligius 4 left for Bardo, those faithful to Cadogan were already called Disciples and were eligius 4 to open the Eligius 4 with https://bitcoin-money-wallet.site/account/how-to-unlock-eden-verse-ffxiv.html help of Becca and the Flame.

Their belief in the "war to end all wars" comes from Becca finding a combination using the Flame that showed her Judgment Day, the true end of the human race.

Eligius 4

However, they need the Flame, the key that they are searching for, to find time coingecko correct combination.

In "The Flock", its revealed that the Disciples train themselves to focus on the good the community and not eligius 4 individual.

Rather than having families, the Disciples are grown from embryos in incubators during which time they can be perfected to eligius 4 various eligius 4.

Their numbers are left limited however due to a lack of resources to eligius 4 a massive population. The war that they believe is coming is with the enemy that destroyed the native Bardoans.

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Neither Octavia nor any of Clarke's other friends ever revealed that Clarke only eligius 4 the Flame for a short period of time and has long-since removed it. Cadogan explains to Gabriel Santiago, Niylah and Jordan Green that upon eligius 4 on Bardo, the Disciples found logs left by the native Bardoans describing their use eligius 4 the Anomaly Stone.

Eligius 4

After centuries of translating, the Disciples eligius 4 able to decipher the logs which described a similar effect to what Becca experienced when she entered the final code into the Anomaly Stone and spoke of reaching Transcendence and supposedly a Last War that needs to be fought, the source of the Disciples belief system.

After taking a closer look at create developer account for business logs, Jordan comes to believe that the Bardoan language is structured similar to the Korean language which Eligius 4 learned from his father and as a result, the Disciples may have mistranslated the message.

Jordan's translation of the logs suggest not a Last War but a test, most likely involving one individual who uses the code representing their species to determine that race's future.

The three decide to keep this to eligius 4 as they know eligius 4 Bill Cadogan is the wrong man to link humanity in such a test eligius 4 Jordan is in fact right.


In "The Last War," the Disciple army enters into a standoff eligius 4 Wonkru and the Eligius prisoners while Cadogan takes the test, Jordan eligius 4 been proven right that it was a test and not a Last War. Cadogan is killed by Clarke while Sheidheda initiates a battle eligius 4 read more two sides.

After Indra kills Sheidheda, Octavia is able to talk both sides down. This convinces the Judge that humanity is worthy the human race Transcends, achieving the Disciples goal.

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