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Krypto comics dc

Krypto the Superdog is Superman's pet, a Kryptonian creature with incredible by Otto Binder and Curt Swan, first appearing in Adventure Comics # (). Man's best friend, Kryptonian style. Krypto the Superdog is where good dogs and great superheroes intersect. Cute, furry and equipped with a wide array of.


The following are very old, minor notes. These depict Krypto as he existed before the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

These are krypto comics dc a rescaling and improvement of the First Edition, Mayfair stats for him. Marital Status: N.

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Known Relatives: Zypto krypto comics dc, deceasedNypto gradfather, deceasedVypto great-grandfather, deceased. Base Of Operations: Smallville. Krypto comics dc the Doghouse of Solitude, in space. Group Affiliation: Legion of Super-pets.


History Although Krypto was krypto comics dc bought by Jor-El as a pet for his child, Jor-El was forced to use the dog in krypto comics dc of his rocket experiments. Krypto was successfully launched into orbit, but a meteor collision knocked the rocket off into space.

Unable to break out of the indestructible craft, Krypto was captive until the rocket crashed on Earth. Advertisement Krypto often assisted his young master.

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Krypto read article left Earth.

But he returned to Superman years later, old and in poor shape. Krypto set out from Earth, built krypto comics dc Doghouse of Solitude, and only returned krypto comics dc brief visits krypto comics dc.

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He lost all of his powers due to Krypto comics dc Kryptonite, though. Of course, you could have him fully in a Post-Crisis world if you want.

Just say that Krypto was a preliminary test by the Cadmus Project of the experiment which allowed the creation of Superboy. Click a failure at the krypto comics dc, the dog was set loose, and currently roams the suburbs of Metropolis, looking for his place in the world… Krypto comics dc.

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