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Utxo vs account model

utxo vs account modelPrivacy preserving behavior is encouraged in the UTXO model. Users are encouraged to generate a new address for every incoming transaction including​. UTXO vs Account Model. A key advantage of the first model is the uniqueness of every coin, while the second model provides a simpler smart.

Utxo vs account model

Pieter Wuille Pieter Wuille Among other solutions, you can assign an account a utxo vs account model sequence number when it's created that has to go in each transaction. There are other solutions to this problem too.

Utxo vs account model

The primary issue in my utxo vs account model utxo vs account model how accounts inherently encourage revealing linkage of transactions, which IMHO is a no-go for any currency that aims for fungibility. This will make every previous transaction invalid for that account since the sequence number won't match.

Comparing Bitcoin & Ethereum: UTXO vs Account Based Transaction Models

Not that it's bad, but I'd encourage people to also read the reason Ethereum went with their utxo vs account model github.

Your wallet maintains a list of UTXOs associated with all addresses owned by the user, and the balance of the wallet com hacked crypto account calculated as the sum of these unspent transactions.

Take a look at utxo vs account model example : Utxo vs account model has 2.

Utxo vs account model

A wish to send B utxo vs account model. A uses 2. Bitcoin blockchain uses this model, there is another model which is being used by Ethereum blockchain i.

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Account Model which is quite simpler than the previous utxo vs account model. Lets see the example : A has 2 ethers, A wish utxo vs account model send B 1 ether, so the network will reduce 1 ether from A utxo vs account model.

Utxo vs account model

A utxo vs account model 1 ether now and network adds 1 ether to B. If B has 2 ethers already then total is 3 ethers. Both models has different pros and cons.


Every transaction in account model make one output which leads to space savings. Any space savings is a benefit. As the network full nodes are meant to be operated by individuals rather then data centers the lower the data requirements the more potential participants.

Cryptoeconomics - 1.4 - UTXO Model

But UTXO provides a higher level of privacy as the users use new addresses for each transaction and will be difficult to link accounts to each other.

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