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Ledger wallet change address

I just ordered my Ledger Nano S and it will arrive in few days. My question is, let's say I have 1 BTC in my Ledger Nano S, and I plan to sell 0. . bitcoin-money-wallet.site › en-gb › articles › How-do-I-gene.

Hello Chandan, Thank you for your response. I already went to guessing and experimenting, after carefully studying and reasoning through all the bits and pieces of pertinent instructions I could ledger wallet change address.

I already figured ledger wallet change address a lot of this.

How To Access Your Ledger Live Address in MyCrypto

Chandan: Your Ledger ledger wallet change address contain one list of covered coins in two places. But the drop-down box to select Ledger wallets contains a different list. Thanks for flagging; the instructions are correct. We will work on clarifying this in the UI. But clarification would be greatly appreciated.

But the address is not prefixed by xpub, per the instructions, and as the first two were.

How it works

Can I use that address, as is? Just copy the address as it is shown.


After that I could delete that entry—if it turned out to be wrong—I tried that.

Happily, it seemed to work fine. Chandan: And, to clarify, does that mean I open the app on my Leger for each coin, then select the Account in LedgerLive, then go ledger wallet change address each and go here transaction for that coin, and copy and upload each and ledger wallet change address address I find?

Receiving address changed

Does that include both sending and receiving addresses? Should I, or could I, watch for ledger wallet change address addresses, and only upload it one time? For all other coins just add each receive address where you had activity for the coin. I am ready to move on to the transactions.

My receiving/requesting address has changed

Thank ledger wallet change address for clarifying that I only need to ledger wallet change address the receiving addresses for each coin. Now, these questions have arisen in my mind: I have ledger wallet change address that sometimes there are two receiving addresses for one transaction.

But does this apply only in the case of HD addresses, which are already added? If not, only HDhow should I handle that situation?

How to Transfer from Coinbase to Ledger

Does it mean something different here, or should I use Advanced Logs to get those addresses too? I think Ledger creates a fresh address for every transaction. So if I finish adding ledger wallet change address the receiving addresses I already have, then have ledger wallet change address receiving transaction with a coin I have already added, must I go back in and look for ledger wallet change address new address to add?


And, again, do I need to look out for duplicate receiving addresses as I add each coin now, or ledger wallet change address grab them all, and let CoinTracker worry about duplications?

Please advise how I should proceed.

Why Move Coins Off of Coinbase?

They will appear if you start typing their names the auto-complete will kick in. I figured that out, too. I should have been quicker to pick that ledger wallet change address.

Chandan: Also, I had a few tx using ShapeShift before they had accounts, so ledger wallet change address transactions are ledger wallet change address available. But they were all sent-from and received-by my Ledger; so that data should show up in the Ledger wallets, right?

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