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Louis vuitton pouch unboxing

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Louis vuitton pouch unboxing

The paper bag is made of gsm, but feel very thick because the wood fiber is of high density. The complementary blue color raw cotton rope is actually a great progress in LV's packaging because louis vuitton pouch unboxing is considered more environmental.

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The logo is embossed embossed logo and outstanding. Let's have a look at the box. In order to protect the box, a paper cover has been added. At the back of the cover is a sticker with retailer's information.

Louis vuitton pouch unboxing

The sticker is of very good quality. When we peel it off, it louis vuitton pouch unboxing leave any glue on the paper.

Louis vuitton pouch unboxing

Now I open the box, wow, it looks more like a delicate drawer case. There is a flapping design that enables me to take out the inside boxes easily.

The cases is divided into three sections.


One is a card slot for instructions and accessories. Second is a vacuum area for a leather box.

Louis vuitton pouch unboxing

Louis vuitton pouch unboxing is two paper drawers with charging accessories and watch click to see more. The space is well designed and neat. The watch box is covered with genuine leather with a snap button closure, louis vuitton pouch unboxing embossed in the center top, louis vuitton pouch unboxing is wrapped with suede microfiber.

Inside the two drawer boxes are three cotton drawstring pouches. Twill cotton fabric with a blue cotton string of herringbone pattern, and with its logo silk screen printed in navy color.

The end of cotton string this web page been sewn to avoid cotton yarns spreading easily.

Unboxing LOUIS VUITTON Watch Packaging

Finally, let's explore the card slot. There are two items lying there. First is three booklets packed in a paper cover.

Louis vuitton pouch unboxing

One instruction, one introduction and one safety and legal information, each one written in diversified languages.

Second is a small envelope containing a well folded microfiber louis vuitton pouch unboxing cloth with embossed logo, for cleaning usage. Louis vuitton pouch unboxing what is the best way to here vuitton pouch unboxing within the limited budget?

Louis vuitton pouch unboxing

Our budget time section may help you. First of all, let's talk about paper bag. LV's paper bag is using gsm FSC paper with cotton tape.

Louis vuitton pouch unboxing

Louis vuitton pouch unboxing other paper item, moq starts here pcs. Secondly, is box case. I must state that not all the brands should have a necessary budget for such an packaging item.

Louis vuitton pouch unboxing

It relates to a lot of manual works in production so price can be very high, specially when the quantity is small. Now let's talk about louis vuitton pouch unboxing pouch.

Louis vuitton pouch unboxing

I have been persuading people to use fabric pouches in their packaging on many occasions because louis vuitton pouch unboxing is louis vuitton pouch unboxing, environmental-friendly and MOQ friendly.

Unlike some packaging items, take the Louis Vuitton louis vuitton pouch unboxing case for example, you can only admire in your heard but do nothing to your branding, because your budget does not allow.

Finally, let's have a look at the microfiber cleaning louis vuitton pouch unboxing.

Louis vuitton pouch unboxing

I hope louis vuitton pouch unboxing unboxing video allows you think more about how Louis Vuitton practise environmental protection and what your brand can do on this topic.

Such as using FSC certified paper or raw cotton packaging.


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